What Is Serrapeptase And When and How Do You Use It? 11

Serrapeptase is a natural enzyme isolated from silkworm larvae. It’s used by the silk worm to eat a hole in the cocoon when it emerges (without damaging the moth itself), and it’s these properties that make it so interesting as an alternative health product.

This article takes a brief look at what serrapeptase actually is and how it can be used to help treat a number of problems. Read the article …..

What is the Correct Dosage of Serrapeptase? 9

What’s the right amount of serrapeptase to take every day? Some manufacturers don’t make it easy to figure out how much serratiopeptidase is actually in a product. The medical literature usually refers to “SU,” or serratiopeptidase units. This is a measure of how much fibrin protein a unit of the […]

Serrapeptase Dangers 12

Many people are concerned about the potential dangers of serrapeptase. This is natural with any supplement, so in this article we discuss what is known about this incredibly useful natural supplement.

Serrapeptase and Cancer 17

There is a lot of information floating around on the internet about how serrapeptase is some sort of miracle cure for cancer and just about every other illness known to man. In this article, we discuss the real benefits of serrapeptase to cancer patients.

Serrapeptase for Sinus Problems 4

Sinusitis is a swelling and inflammation in the lining of the sinuses that gets infected by bacteria or viruses. How can serrapeptase help with sinusitis?

Using Serrapeptase for Pain After Dental Procedures 2

Serrapeptase is a known anti-inflammatory has been used in trials to treat pain after surgery or dental procedures. However, dental patients who took serrapeptase didn’t have less swelling, but they did have less pain. Read to find out why.

How to Use Serrapeptase to Help Avoid Surgery 8

If any natural supplement can help prevent unnecessary surgeries, then that is a good thing. In this article we look at how serrapeptase may be able to help in a wide range of different treatments, from surgery to faster healing.

Using Serrapeptase to Control Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome

Serrapeptase may be of help for those who suffer from bacterial overgrowth syndrome – caused by a huge over-growth of bacteria in the gut and causing a film over the lining of the intestines that prevents nutrition from being absorbed from the food we eat.

Using Serrapeptase to Banish Bad Breath

Bad breath is one of those nightmare conditions that people dread. Depending on what is causing your bad breath, serrapeptase may actually be able to help get it under control.

Using Serrapeptase to Stop Staph Infections

Staphylococcus is a common bacteria found in great number on our skin. Pimples and acne are one of it’s tell-tale signals when this bacteria gets into cracks or pores in the skin. So can serrapeptase help?