Recommended Serrapeptase Products

imageNOTE:  “Good Health Naturally” supply the Serrapeptase supplements that we recommend on this page.

Their serrapeptase comes in two forms – enteric coated which allows the serrapeptase to pass through the stomach intact, or as veggie capsule suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Serraplus – Our #1 Serrapeptase recommendation


Why our top recommendation?

Because not only does Serraplus+ give you a high dose of serrapeptase, it also delivers key minerals and MSM which help utilization and absorption.  MSM is a great source of sulfur which is required by your body in the formation of structural proteins, and is found in muscles, skin and bones.

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This formula contains the same potent serving of serrapeptase as Serraplus+, but without the trace minerals and MSM.  While it is still an excellent source of serrapeptase, the added minerals and MSM in the Serraplus+ make it a better option in our opinion.

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Also available in a smaller dose of 80,000IU

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Blockbuster All Clear


Blockbuster All Clear is a formula designed to improve the health of your cardiovascular system.  It contains serrapeptase (80,000IU), Nattokinase (1600FU), and a range of other enzymes and supplements.

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This nattokinase supplement contains 2,000 FU of pure Nattokinase per capsule, with 25 mg Rutin.

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Serranol is a combination of Serrapeptase (80,000IU), Curcumin X4000 (250mg), Ecklonia Cava Extract 25:1 (50 mg), and Vitamin D3 (1,000IU).

Serrapeptase and curcumin are two of the best known natural anti-inflammatories.  In this formula you also have the calming effects of Eklonia Cava plus the immune boosting power of Vitamin D3.

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Specifically formulated for pets, Serrapet delivers 80,000IU serrapeptase to help with your pet’s lungs, joints, tendons and inflammation.

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