How much serrapeptase to take? 3

In the video, Robert Redfern answers a question from a reader asking how much serrapeptase to take for inflammation.


How much serrapeptase to take?


My notes on the video:

  • C-reactive protein measures the level of inflammation in the body. 
  • Robert says you cannot be precise in how many to take because everyone is different and the causes of the inflammation are different.  What he recommends is taking a high dose.  6, 8, 10 tablets a day.
  • Eat an anti-inflammatory diet and take the serrapeptase until the condition starts to clear up.
  • The serrapeptase that he talks about is the stuff that we recommend on this site as well. However, if you are taking a different brand, know that the capsules he is talking about are 80,000 UI (and serraplus also contains MSM and trace minerals to help the absorption).

About Andy

I suffered a serious neck injury when I was about 19 years old. That problem didn't affect me until I was in my 40s, but I then suffered two prolapsed discs in my neck and problems with my right arm and hand. Serrapeptase was recommended by my chiropractor to try to break up the scar tissue around the vertebrae that were causing me the problems. It seemed to help me with my problem, so created this site to help inform people what serrapeptase is, what it can do and just as importantly, what it cannot do. I hope you find the information useful.

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3 thoughts on “How much serrapeptase to take?

  • Theresa

    I am taking Serrapeptase for severe abdominal adhesion’s. There was relief. Started to get pin poking feeling. Should I be taking something else with it so it absorbs properly? Is 120,000 IU’S ok to take everyday? Can the body have side effects from that dose ? Will this dissolve these for me? Was told about MSM and Bromelain to take also. PLEASE advise.

    • Andy Post author

      Sorry Theresa but I cannot give what amounts to medical advice. I can tell you though that serrapeptase has very few reported side effects (nausea and other mild effects), and most people have none at all. When I am taking serrapeptase, I take 2-3 capsules a day, with each one being 80,000IU, and I take that for up to six months at a time without any problems. The serrapeptase I take has MSM in the tablets which is a good source of sulphur (sulfur) that is needed by proteins in the body. It’s a supplement I like to take.
      I cannot say whether serrapeptase will get rid of the adhesions but I have heard success stories on other websites.
      Good luck!