Silkworm lifecycle

Serrapeptase is found in the digestive tracts of silkworms.  They use it to not only digest the tough mulberry leaves that they feed on,  but also to eat a whole in the cocoon when they emerge as the moth.

This video shows the complete life-cycle of the silkworm:

Life cycle of the silkworm


  • Silkworm eggs start off yellow and become darker as the larvae develop and are ready to hatch.
  • The larvae need to eat within 24 hours of hatching or will die.
  • They eat mulberry leaves.
  • As the larvae grow, they shed their skin as the old one gets too small.  You can tell when they are ready to shed the skin, because they hold their head up.
  • As the cocoon is made, you can see through it by holding it up to the light.  The caterpillar can be seen inside working away, building the cocoon.
  • The female is typically larger as she is full of eggs.

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