Serrapeptase Q&A

In this video, Robert answers some frequently asked questions about serrapeptase.

Serrapeptase Q&A

My Notes:

  • Serrapeptase is an enzyme (living proteins that do a lot of work in living organisms).
  • Serrapeptase is a “clean up” enzyme removing dead tissue and inflammation in the body.
  • Serrapeptase was originally found in silk worm.  It is used to dissolve the cocoon when the moth emerges, but also the larvae use it to help digest tough mulberry leaves.
  • European and Japanese doctors do prescribe serrapeptase, but in the US, there are tighter controls and doctors there use Pharmaceutical drugs instead (more profits).
  • You can take serrapeptase can be taken even if you are on medication.  Obviously I’d recommend you talk to your doctor first, but that is Robert’s advice.
  • Robert also says you can use serrapeptase during pregnancy. Before, during and after.  After the baby is born, serrapeptase can help with breast engorgement.
  • Serrapeptase does not thin the blood, it makes it “healthy”.
  • The break down products of serrapeptase activity are simple amino acids.  Therefore serrapeptase recycles.
  • Side effects?  None that are known.  25 years ago a report in Japan stated that serrapeptase caused an infection, but Robert says the report is wrong.  However, today millions of people are taking serrapeptase and there would be a lot of reports if this was the case.
  • You cannot take too many tablets.  However, use what you need or you’ll be wasting your money.
  • How does it benefit so many conditions? A lot of conditions are caused by inflammation and this is what serrapeptase works on.
  • Robert takes serrapeptase every day for anti-aging.  He himself is in his 60s and looks very good for it don’t you think?

About Andy

I suffered a serious neck injury when I was about 19 years old. That problem didn't affect me until I was in my 40s, but I then suffered two prolapsed discs in my neck and problems with my right arm and hand. Serrapeptase was recommended by my chiropractor to try to break up the scar tissue around the vertebrae that were causing me the problems. It seemed to help me with my problem, so created this site to help inform people what serrapeptase is, what it can do and just as importantly, what it cannot do. I hope you find the information useful.

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