The testimonials for serrapeptase

In this video, three people talk about their experience with serrapeptase.

Serrapeptase testimonials


  • Serrapeptase has many reported benefits including cleansing the blook, removing unwanted scar tissue and it’s an anti-inflammatory.
  • The first testimonial was from a woman with rheumatoid arthritis.    She read that this disease causes scar tissue and she found out that serrapeptase could help reduce scar tissue. After going onto serrapeptase her symptoms were much reduced.
  • The second testimonial is from an Australian guy who took serrapeptase for Multiple sclerosis. After a recent attack that left his right leg dragging.  He started on serrapeptase.  Within 3 weeks the symptoms cleared up and he is now walking properly.
  • The final testimonial in this video is a guy who saw big improvements in the shoulder and hip pain caused by polymyalgia rherumatica (a disorder that causes inflammation).  He took serraplus tablets and his symptoms have improved.

About Andy

I suffered a serious neck injury when I was about 19 years old. That problem didn't affect me until I was in my 40s, but I then suffered two prolapsed discs in my neck and problems with my right arm and hand. Serrapeptase was recommended by my chiropractor to try to break up the scar tissue around the vertebrae that were causing me the problems. It seemed to help me with my problem, so created this site to help inform people what serrapeptase is, what it can do and just as importantly, what it cannot do. I hope you find the information useful.

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