Can You Use Serrapeptase and Nattokinase Together? 6

Serrapeptase and nattokinase are entirely different enzymes. They both are proteolytic enzymes, which is to say they both break down proteins, particularly fibrin in the bloodstream. They both originally came from natural sources in China and Japan, serrapeptase from silkworms and nattokinase from the fermented soy food natto. But they don’t do quite the same things in the human body.

pillsSerratiopeptidase breaks down collagen and fibrin. It can help the body “clean out” broken tissue in bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It is especially useful for breaking down fibrin. This helps the body dissolve blood clots. That can be very helpful in healing bruises. And it prevents the formation of scar tissue so that joints retain their range of motion as they heal.

Nattokinase is partially broken up in the process of digestion. The pure nattokinase that passes into the bloodstream also dissolves the protein fibrin. This prevents or corrects some of the problems that are caused by blood clotting, but nattokinase does not break down damaged collagen.

Nattokinase fragments, however, can do something that serratiopeptidase cannot. They act as an angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor. They prevent the hormone angiotensin from being converted into the hormone angiotensinogen, which raises blood pressure. Just how much nattokinase lowers your blood pressure depends on how thoroughly it is digested. If you are taking antacids for heartburn, for instance, your stomach will produce less acid and the nattokinase will be less thoroughly broken down into fragments. It will have more of a blood thinning effect than a blood pressure lowering effect.

Some supplements combine serratiopeptidase with nattokinase. There are some people for whom this is a good combination. If you exercise as part of your routine for controlling your blood pressure and you suffer an injury, it is going to be harder to keep your hypertension in check while you are recovering.

Serratiopeptidase supports recovery of muscles, bones, and connective tissues, while nattokinase might give just that tiny boost in blood pressure control that makes the difference that keeps you from having to take more medication or adding a new medication. Don’t take nattokinase if you take aspirin for your heart or if you are on prescription anticoagulant (blood thinning) medication. There is very little risk of an adverse reaction, only one adverse reaction reported in the medical literature, but the combined effects are impossible to predict.

And if you don’t have high blood pressure, serratiopeptidase and nattokinase are redundant. Because serratiopeptidase is a stronger and more versatile proteolytic enzyme, and it doesn’t just dissolve fibrin, it is the enzyme you need.


About Andy

I suffered a serious neck injury when I was about 19 years old. That problem didn't affect me until I was in my 40s, but I then suffered two prolapsed discs in my neck and problems with my right arm and hand. Serrapeptase was recommended by my chiropractor to try to break up the scar tissue around the vertebrae that were causing me the problems. It seemed to help me with my problem, so created this site to help inform people what serrapeptase is, what it can do and just as importantly, what it cannot do. I hope you find the information useful.

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6 thoughts on “Can You Use Serrapeptase and Nattokinase Together?

  • arthur

    Hi Andy, do you take Serrapeptase daily?? For example can I take it for a few days after I work out and then stop or when I have more pain than ususal??
    At this time I am taking Nattokinase with K2 for borderline blood pressure..
    Thanks for you input

    • Andy Post author

      I have taken it daily for several months with no problems. I was taking it for scar tissue in a spinal injury. I no longer take it, but it is an enzyme, and can only work on the problems when it is in your body, so for me, I’d take it none stop for a while.

  • Kalinka SmithOwen

    For the past few months I have been giving 2 x 80,000ug once daily of serrapeptase to my arthritic dog. This has made her more lively and eased her paint somewhat. I have noticed that a small growth she had on her leg has also disappeared. Her vet said it may need removing if it got larger…but it’s gone, I’m happy and will continue to keep her on the tablets for the rest of her days.

  • Mike

    Serrapeptase has been a blessing to me. I am a heart patient with a pacemaker. Two years ago I was having angina attacks & popping nitro-glycerin pills & thinking if this is all the doc can do I am going to die. I weighed 300 lbs, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and COPD. I could barely walk a block without being exhausted. I knew I had to change or die. So I started looking for homeopathic ways to stop angina. And Found several, among them serrapeptase, I discovered about 5 months into my change. I changed my diet to 90% veggie, 10% protein of any kind (mostly fish & chicken), and began walking 15 minutes after every meal. Taking lemon juice/honey/8oz warm water 3x day, 2tbs apple cider vinegar/8oz every meal, cabbage salads & with cooked meals, basically, my angina stopped in two weeks, and I started dropping a pound a day. It was easy to do because I ate all the “fresh” veggies I wanted. Within a month and half I was off the diabetes insulin, I kept crashing, taking less and less and my sugar levels stabilized to 100. My walking was improving, I stopped having leg cramps on waking by taking 2 tbls ACV with water before bed each night. Then I started 40,000 SPU Serrapeptase twice daily (Drs. Best brand). In about three weeks I noticed some improvement in my breathing & endurance. I used a 3-Point therapy for clearing my clogged arteries. Imagine a pipe you are cleaning clogs from. It can be blocked, but when you expand the pipe size it provides more surface area that can be cleaned. So I started taking 1000mg Arginine to expand arteries 3X day (lots of things do that, Niacin clns & dilates) and gain more strength for exercise, great stuff. Then I thinned my blood to separate platelets with aspirin and a host of other natural things (research these 3). And Serrapeptase to remove the debris. I maintained a rigid therapy for 8 months, walking further and further as I felt better (Use Hylands leg cramps & a Tylenol before the walk) and better. Within a year I lost 100 lbs, I could walk 3 miles a day, mile after every meal, I bought a basket ball and starting shooting hoops, and I could run up and down my stairs like a teenager (I’m 67yrs old). My COPD is mostly gone as is my CHF symptoms. I have a documented complete dissolve of a clogged artery on my heart, its gone. I also feel Serapeptase ate the scar tissue (from heart attacks) off my heart and allows it to function much better, a lot of my heart meds have been reduced. I would highly recommend you buy a oxy-meter for the finger & a blood pressure cuff (I use the wrist type wrap) to monitor yourself if you are going to attempt it. Know your vitals & learn what your body is doing. My blood pressure stays normal now, but I still occasionally check it, watch my salt intake. For some reason my sodium levels are always low on my blood tests. In any event I think Serrapeptase has done wonders for me, I only take it once a day for 3 weeks, 3 weeks off, and then 3 weeks again. A NOTE: I don’t think it ate the insulation from my pacemaker leads. You might consult with your Dr. before trying this!! Wish you well!!! Mike