How to make Natto

Natto is a foul-smelling sticky substance produced by fermenting soybeans.  It is typically eaten for breakfast in Japan.

My Notes:

  • You can make natto at home by taking cooked soybeans and adding Bacillus subtilis bacteria.  If you don’t have this bacteria you can use some natto you already have.
  • Soak soybeans for a couple of hours.
  • Steam or boil the beans.  If you are steaming, every hour or so, check the water level and stir the beans.
  • Once cooked, poor them into a sterilized bowl.
  • The natto bacteria needs a little kick start so add salt and sugar to the beans, and then add the natto bacteria.  Mix thoroughly.
  • Cover with a single layer of  tinfoil and poke some small holes in the foil.
  • Now cover with another layer of tinfoil that has also had holes poked into it.
  • Put the bowl somewhere warm to allow it to ferment for 24 hours.

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