David Wolfe on Enzymes

David Wolfe is an expert in health, herbalism and nutrition to name a few fields.  In this video, he explains why enzymes are so important to our health and where we can get them in out diet.

David Wolfe explains Enzymes


My Notes:

  1. Raw foods have enzymes whereas cooked foods don’t as they’ve been destroyed.
  2. Enzymes are catalysts that help with chemical reactions in cells (and extra-cellular).
  3. Your body takes in those enzymes and uses them.
  4. A lot of enzymes in a cell are not “turned on”.  If we are deficient in minerals, we cannot switch on our own enzymes.  Minerals turn on our immune system because of the effect they have on enzymes.
  5. When you have more minerals in the soil, your plants will grow with higher levels of mineral.  The minerals in the plant increase the activity of enzymes.  When we eat those plants, we get those benefits too. 
  6. Health begins in the soil.
  7. At the end of people’s lives, they die because they have run out of enzymes.  With more minerals, we have more enzymes and the longer we live.

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