Our approach to health needs to change

This video is part of a lecture by Marvin Hausman, MD.  In it he discusses disease and how doctors have always concentrated on a one nutrient, one disease scenario.  If you lack vitamin C you get scurvy.  However we are complex organisms and need a whole nutrition approach.

Weapon Against Inflammation & aging

Notes on the video:

  1. Most of the research on this has come from the study of Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Research turned to a search for potent antioxidants to prevent the oxidative stress on nerves that leads to Alzheimer's.
  3. Strong link between inflammation and disease.  Things like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, ulcers & aging.
  4. We need prevention, not intervention.  Pharmaceutical companies concentrate on intervention – curing the symptoms not the cause.  After all, if pharmaceuticals cured the root of the problem, there would be no sickness and they would go out of business.
  5. The promising organisms in the fight against inflammation are mushrooms.
  6. Doctors are taught to associate single nutrients with their corresponding disease, but we are a complex organism.
  7. 24 months glucosamine trial failed to help with arthritis.
  8. Another study:  Women achieve no benefit from taking vitamin E against stroke and heart attacks.
  9. Beta carotene doesn’t reduce the chance of lung cancer, it increases it.
  10. Pharmaceuticals make 810 million on glucosamine, 210 million of vitamin E, 75 million on beta carotene.  None of these may work according to research, yet people still buy them and pharmaceutical companies sill market them against these health problems.
  11. You are what you eat – we are complex organisms.  Today we eat terribly.
  12. Free radicals damage organelles in out cells.

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