Mike Tawse used Serrapeptase for spastic diplegia

Spastic diplegia is a form of cerebral palsy.  While this disease affects different people in different ways, Mike’s symptoms restricted his mobility and muscle control.  He also suffered vision problems.

He went through the usual roundabout of doctors, surgeons and prescription drugs, but by December 2005 Mike had accepted his fate for what time he had remaining.

Things changed in January 2006, when Mike decided to try serrapeptase.  Within 48 hours his lungs had begun to clear and that was only the start of his recovery.  Rather than tell his whole story, you should go over to Mike’s website The Health Care Survivor and read it from him.

This video by Robert Redfern discussing Mike Tawse is well worth watching:

How Serrapeptase helped Mike Tawse

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I suffered a serious neck injury when I was about 19 years old. That problem didn't affect me until I was in my 40s, but I then suffered two prolapsed discs in my neck and problems with my right arm and hand. Serrapeptase was recommended by my chiropractor to try to break up the scar tissue around the vertebrae that were causing me the problems. It seemed to help me with my problem, so created this site to help inform people what serrapeptase is, what it can do and just as importantly, what it cannot do. I hope you find the information useful.

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