Serrapeptase helps with Chronic Airway Disease

In a study in the Official Journal of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology, researchers reported that serrapeptase had a beneficial effect on patients suffering from chronic airway disease.  The article, published in August 2003, investigated the effect of serrapeptase (which is widely used in Japanese clinical practice) on sputum properties and symptoms in patients suffering from this disease.

The group that received 30mg per day for 4 weeks showed a decrease in:

  • morning sputum weight,
  • percentage of solid component in the sputum,
  • viscosity and elasticity,
  • neutrophil count in the sputum,
  • coughing.

NOTE: Neutrophils are a common white blood cell that respond to infection and will help kill bacteria and other foreign organisms.

The sample sizes of the investigation were quite small so the researchers concluded that serrapeptase may be beneficial in clearing mucus by reducing neutrophil counts and changing the viscoelasticity of sputum.


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